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A few words about Home Inspections

We know that that Home Inspections can be scary.

Sellers worry about what the inspection will uncover and buyers worry about understanding the information provided from the Inspection and what that means to them and their purchase.

Relax… our job as expert inspectors is to provide you information about your new home. A large portion of your inspection will be maintenance recommendations. These are aren't things that all need to be corrected by the seller, or things that would influence your decision to purchase. For a buyer, these are the things that will help you maintain the value of your home through proper maintenance.

The issues that really matter will fall into five categories: 

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  1. MAJOR DEFECTS - An example of this would be a structural failure.
  2. SMALL ISSUES THAT CAN LEAD TO MAJOR DEFECTS - like a roof-flashing leak
  4. SAFETY HAZARDS - like electrical issues or faulty balcony railings
  5. ENVIROMENTAL ISSUES - Mold and other issues that affect your home & health

Each home has it's own little things -- that's part of what makes each home special! We think it's important to keep in mind that sellers are under no obligation to repair everything mentioned in the report. We feel like our customers deserve the information that will help them take good care of their new home, so watch for regular maintenance issues too. You'll need to know after you move in if some caulking or other maintenance item needs to be on your to-do list.

We do our best to keep things in perspective and prioritize the issues. So don't worrry -- and if you have questions about anything in your inspection report, just call and we'll go through it with you.

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