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Safety Planning

Moving to a new home means time for a safety plan update. We hope you will take some time prior to move in, or just after, and update your fire escape and emergency plans.

EMERGENCY BASICS: make sure you know where the shutoffs are for utility services for your home. If you had a home inspection, your Inspection Report identified the locations and valves/switches to use in turning off water/gas/electric service to your home. If your report indicated any Main Shutoff or Disconnect was not present, now is a good time to get that taken care of. Make sure everyone in the home knows where these are, and if you would like tags (weather resistant with picture and identifier for each utility) -- let us know. We're happy to provide them free of charge to our customers.

FIRE ESCAPE PLAN: It is critical that make a fire escape plan for your new home, write it down and review with your family. This is important for all households, and if children are in the home, it must this be taught and practiced with them. Use the links below for more information, including easy to use floor plan pages and kid-friendly teaching aids. 

VISIT the National Fire Protection Association website for all the information and tools you need to set up an escape plan, including information for kids:


Moving is a busy time -- but don't let this one get away from you. If you ever have need to use it -- you will really be glad you made your emergency planning an priority! 

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