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Selling (or Thinking About Selling) Your Home?

Might we suggest a Pre-Listing Inspection?

For nearly 3 decades, we have helped our customers prepare their homes for sale. Even before we obtained licensing as a Home Inspector, our work as a Home Improvement contractor meant our customers relied on us to find things that needed to be done prior to listing their home for sale. This has proven to bring the maximum sales price for these customers.

Ever wonder why the automotive industry makes use of this phrase?

certified preowned words only

Because most people would rather buy a

"Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle" than a "Used Car".

There are probably some things you know you need to do to get your home ready for sale: get rid of clutter, do some painting, give the front entry a welcoming look. 

But what about when a prospective buyer brings a Home Inspector

through your home. Do you have any idea what they might find?

A Pre- Listing Inspection can alert you of things another inspector is likely to find -- and lets you take care of them before a prospective buyer sees them! While different inspectors will see and note different things, and conditions are different from one day or week to another -- a Pre-Listing Inspection can help you get ahead of any large or unknown defects at your home... because


Save money by taking care of or disclosing any larger known defects before your inspection.

Make sure your inspector knows what they are looking at

If you're home is especially clean with a great Inspection Report, you may want to leave a copy of the report in the home for home buyers to see. You can let them see what items came up and provide receipts showing any significant issues have been addressed.

Providing home buyers with information since 2004

For the few hundred bucks you'd spend on a Pre-Inspection, you'll gain a cleaner home for potential inspectors, and peace of mind by not worrying about big surprises and the stress of negotiating large repairs within constraints of your contract.

Which gives you more time and energy to think about things like painting the front door, planting a few flowers out front, and looking for a new home!

Whether or not you decide to have a Pre-Listing inspection, click below to find out

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