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Inspection Agreements
North and South Carolina Inspection Standards of Practice require a signed agreement prior to the inspection. 
To make sure your inspection takes place as scheduled, please log in above with the user name and password provided to you, click on Inspection Agreement to read and follow the instructions to Click to Sign the agreement. Any questions, please give us a call asap, and prior to your inspection.  Thanks!
Inspection Invoice
Payment for inspections is due at or prior to your inspection.  If you will be attending the inspection and would like to take care of payment there, please let us know.  Otherwise, would you take a minute to log in above with the user name and password provided to you, click on Invoice and follow the links to pay.  Please note: we will not receive your credit card information. Instead, you will be taken to Authorize.net's secure payment portal where you can make your payment safely.  If you have any trouble and would prefer to call and have us process the payment, please let me know. 

Inspection Reports
The log in above is where you will access your inspection reports.  Again -- as a reminder, you will receive an Inspection Report, which includes defects as well as safety and maintenance items, emergency shutoffs and other information that will be useful to you as you move into your new home.  Items that your Inspector felt did not function as intended and met the criteria as a Repair/Replace item have been put into a Summary Report. You may find items that were or were not included in the Summary that are important to you, so please be sure to read the ENTIRE INSPECTION REPORT, NOT JUST THE SUMMARY.  If you have any questions, please let us know right away, and before closing. 

If you have any trouble logging in, please let us know!  You can call us at 803.548.0500, or email us HERE